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How do you get to be the number one brand of queso cheese in retail? You make the cheese that consumers love! Over 30 years ago, the Gordo’s foodservice team developed a line of authentic Hispanic cheeses and complementary products and started selling them to restaurants. Now those products are featured in hundreds of foodservice locations throughout the United States. 

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Want to know how to grow your sales? Contact our team and check out our Recipes.  Gordo’s is here to help you grow your business!

Gordo’s features the finest authentic Hispanic food products and restaurant support items including:

Beverages, Canels, Chicken Base, Chipotles, Chorizo, Cleaning Supplies, Flour, Frozen Desserts, Milk-Sour Cream, Mix Beverages, Mixes, Moles, Oils-Lards, Peppers, Rice-Beans, Salsa-Hot Sauces, Sauces, Spices, Tomatillos, Tomatoes

At Gordo’s, we love making you happy by helping you make YOUR customers happy.

New For '24

Gordo’s Amarillo Pasteurized Yellow American Cheese:

6/5# loaves

La Querida Yellow EZ Melt:
6/5# loaves

Coming Soon: Gordo’s Hot cheese dip queso:
5# pail

Coming Soon: Gordo’s Yellow cheese dip queso:
5# pail

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