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Spruce Up Your Bar with Gordo’s Mixes!

Gordo's Foodservice - Drink Mixes

Looking to add some fun into your cocktail menu this spring? This is the perfect time to change up the menu to get people excited about summer. Look no further: Gordo’s has a full line of delicious bar mixes that will leave your customers wanting more!

From Frozen Margarita mix, to Pina Colada, and to Sweet & Sour, Gordo’s has all of the solutions that your drink menu is looking for. Although these may often be considered warm weather favorites, these cocktails are perfect for any time of year to bring back that sweet taste of summer. Looking for more flexibility with your drinks? We have puree mixes for almost every fruit, including Banana, Guava, Passion Fruit, Raspberry, and more.

Gordo’s offers a full range of Hispanic Foods for restaurants and food distributors, ranging from tasty drink mixes to signature queso. Contact Us to learn more about how our products can increase your profits this year.

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