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BIG Distributor Opportunities at Gordo’s!

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Gordo’s Foodservice offers great food distributor opportunities. Read on to learn more.

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Distributor Opportunities with Gordo’s

Gordo’s offers excellent distributor opportunities. You can order a plethora of food from Gordo’s, including:

  • Authentic Hispanic foods
  • EZ Melt Cheese
  • Queso Blanco easy melt
  • Amarillo easy melt
  • Queso Blanco EZ melt
  • Amarillo EZ melt
  • EZ Melt processed American cheese
  • Restaurant TEX-MEX foods
  • Chipotles
  • Chorizo
  • Mole sauces
  • Bulk peppers
  • Salsa-Hot Sauces
  • Tomatillos

Check out Gordo’s Hispanic food specialties to learn more about what to order!

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