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Trends in Hispanic Foods to Watch For

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Mexican cuisine is having an exciting moment in the U.S. Looking beyond the endless search for authentic flavors and regional dishes, specialty ingredients and cooking methods from the motherland are making their way into American kitchens. These flavors are shaping a generation of palates that gravitate toward bold and earthy flavors like complex moles and heirloom corn; high acidity in salsas like guacachile and lip-smacking aguachiles; and rich textures found with tart flavors like in creamy enchiladas suizas.

1. Bolder flavors
Over the past year, we’ve seen staple ingredients of Mexican cuisine like dried chiles, beans, and traditional cheeses such as queso fresco find their way into more American kitchens. Expect this trend to continue into 2022 with the robust flavors of Mexican chorizo.

2. Braised tacos
Move over birriatacos de guisado are on the rise. “Guisado” is simply the technique of stewing or braising. Made with any combination of meats (or even veggies) and spices, it’s a hearty, homey one-pot meal that will be making its way into American kitchens from coast to coast.

3. Trying new produce
The season for flor de calabaza — or squash blossom — will be busier than ever as this delicate ingredient gains steam with both home cooks and restaurants. If you’re unfamiliar, flor de calabaza are edible flowers that come from summer or winter squashes that are versatile and easy to cook with. They’re in season from late spring to early fall (depending on where you live).

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