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Everything You Need for the Best Taco Tuesday

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Do you want to offer the best Taco Tuesday in town? Find all of the necessary ingredients from Gordo’s Foodservice to make your promotion successful.

Offering Taco Tuesday specials can increase business on Tuesday by 36%. Of course, you only see the boost in sales when you offer quality tacos. At Gordo’s Foodservice, we have everything your company needs to start a successful (and delicious) Taco Tuesday promotion.

Who said Taco Tuesdays can’t offer anything else but tacos? We offer a wide selection of tortilla types and sizes that give you the opportunity to create more than tacos on Taco Tuesday, such as wraps, quesadillas, and burritos.

Your taco needs high quality ingredients. From cheeses, to salsas, tomatoes, and peppers, we have everything you need to make your operation shine.

Find the best ingredients for your Taco Tuesday promotion by looking through our product catalog! Contact us today!

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