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Improving Restaurant Sustainability

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Sustainability is an emerging trend in the food industry. Restaurants use tremendous amounts of energy and produce massive waste. Sustainable restaurants will find environmentally responsible methods of using energy and eliminating waste.

A growing percentage of customers are becoming more educated about the importance of food sustainability. Restaurants that focus on sustainability can increase their sales by attracting these customers that view sustainability as a priority.

Limiting food waste is one strategy to improve your restaurant’s sustainability. Restaurant operators use several resources to reduce their waste:

  • Digital Inventory Management
  • Using Ingredients with Upcoming Expiration Dates
  • Donating Extra Food

Another strategy to become more sustainable is to utilize energy-efficient appliances. Restaurants use tremendous amount of energy. This includes the power to refrigerate your ingredients, light your facility, and run your ovens. Restaurants that invest in devices that efficiently use energy will improve their sustainability and help attract a growing group of customers to their location.

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For more detailed information on food sustainability, please read on at Buzztime Business.

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