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Get Everything You Need for Hispanic Holiday Treats at Gordo’s Foodservice

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Are you looking for all the ingredients to serve those authentic Hispanic treats to your customers? At Gordo’s Foodservice, you can find everything to make sweet and savory treats that will wow your customers.

Traditional Hispanic Treats for the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect season to add limited-time dishes and treats to your menu. Pan dulce, sweet bread, is an ideal choice. These large varieties of treats can come in various baked forms.

During the holiday season, a concha is a popular option. It is a sweet bread covered in a cookie-like crust, flavored with either chocolate or vanilla. You can bake conchas in any color, but use red and green coloring to celebrate the season. Conchas are some of the most popular sweet bread in Mexico.

Along with sweet bread, consider using strawberry churros or sweet empanadas as a dessert option on the menu.

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Try Other Prepared Treats from Gordo’s

Consider providing more savory treats for your customers. Tamales are a popular holiday treat. Since they are often made for special occasions, you can add them to your menu. All you need is a variety of fillings, corn husks, and corn masa to create a savory treat.

Remember the main entrees like Skirt steak, beans, and rice are some easy dishes to prepare for your customers as well. You can spice up the flavor by adding chorizo, chipotles, and bulk peppers to the entrees.

One traditional dish consists of creating enchiladas with a variety of sauces. You can use regular salsa or hot sauces on these savory treats. Consider making a Christmas enchilada with queso Blanco easy melt cheese. Use green tomatillo and red salsa for more holiday flair to the dish. The best part of most of these savory dishes is that you can find all the ingredients for them on our website.

Find Your Hispanic Ingredients at Gordo’s Foodservice

If you want to impress your customers with exceptional Hispanic dishes and treats, allow Gordo’s Foodservice to help. From Hispanic restaurant mixes to easy-melt queso cheese, we have your restaurant covered. There is only one supplier to go to for your Hispanic specialty foods: Gordo’s Foodservice.

Gordo’s Foodservices is your go-to spot for all things Tex-Mex, with discount prices on real-dairy queso and melted cheeses. Take advantage of the unbeatable selection spanning side dishes to desserts – including meats, spices, peppers & hot sauces! And don’t forget beverages and drink mixes, too; stock up now at Gordos!




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