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Spice up Your Menu with These Mexican Cuisine Trends

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Mexican cuisine constantly evolves, and the latest trends and recipes in Mexican restaurant menus reflect this dynamic evolution. Recently, we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of plant-based dishes, with vegan options like jackfruit tacos and cauliflower ceviche becoming more common. We’re also seeing a renewed interest in traditional Mexican ingredients and dishes, with chefs experimenting with regional moles, heirloom corn, and lesser-known varieties of peppers to create new and exciting flavor profiles. Below are a few of our favorite trends and recipes you need to know.

Add Some Spice

Adding new spices to your restaurant menu can be a game-changer in terms of flavor and appeal. Introducing new spices allows you to create unique and memorable dishes that set your menu apart from the competition. Plus, spices can be a relatively inexpensive way to add depth and complexity to your dishes, making them a great way to elevate your restaurant’s offerings without breaking the bank.

Use Cheese Blends

A popular trend in Hispanic restaurant menus is the use of EZ melt cheese. This type of cheese differs from traditional cheese blends because it melts smoothly, creating a thick and creamy consistency. If you’re looking for a more authentic flavor, consider using queso blanco EZ melt or Amarillo EZ melt cheeses. However, if you prefer to stick with classic flavors, EZ melt processed American cheese is also an option. Whether you’re making sauce dips, these cheese blends can add an extra layer of flavor to your diners’ entrees.

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Get Creative with Tex-Mex Foods

If you are looking for plant-based alternatives to fill out your menu, Tex-Mex foods are a great choice. Many diners are familiar with these dishes that blend the flavors of Texan and Mexican cuisines. You can use Gordo’s Hispanic restaurant mixes, tomatillos, and salsa-hot sauces to incorporate more flavor into these selections.

Need a Few More Ideas?

At Gordo’s Foodservice, we have a few recipes that use these trends to create fabulous dishes for your restaurant. Whether you want Gordo Yellow Jalapeño Cheese Dip Nachos or a Veggie Burrito with Salsa Verde, you can find them on our recipe page.

Bulk Hispanic Foods and Distributor Hispanic Foods Offer a Wide Range of Ingredients

The latest trends in the industry are focusing on plant-based items. If you don’t know where to find these ingredients, make sure to visit Gordo’s Foodservice. We have bulk items and fresh foods, including peppers and tomatoes to restaurants mixes and EZ melt cheese. You can use these ingredients to create delicious and authentic plant-based Hispanic dishes for your customers.

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