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Improving Restaurant Sustainability

Sustainability is an emerging trend in the food industry. Restaurants use tremendous amounts of energy and produce massive waste. Sustainable restaurants will find environmentally responsible methods of using energy and eliminating waste. A growing percentage of customers are becoming more educated about the importance of food sustainability. Restaurants that focus on sustainability can increase their sales by attracting these customers

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Gordo's Foodservice - Taco Tuesday Final

Everything You Need for the Best Taco Tuesday

Do you want to offer the best Taco Tuesday in town? Find all of the necessary ingredients from Gordo’s Foodservice to make your promotion successful. Offering Taco Tuesday specials can increase business on Tuesday by 36%. Of course, you only see the boost in sales when you offer quality tacos. At Gordo’s Foodservice, we have everything your company needs to

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Enjoy Gordo’s Top Selling Cheeses!

Gordo’s Foodservice is the top choice for any restaurant or distributor looking for a reliable source of authentic Tex-Mex and Hispanic ingredients. We supply a wide range of cheese products, including our flagship Queso Blanco Easy Melt cheese and La Querida EZ Melt Processed American Blended Product. Queso is always a crowd favorite on any menu, and can be used

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Gordo's Foodservice - Drink Mixes

Spruce Up Your Bar with Gordo’s Mixes!

Looking to add some fun into your cocktail menu this spring? This is the perfect time to change up the menu to get people excited about summer. Look no further: Gordo’s has a full line of delicious bar mixes that will leave your customers wanting more! From Frozen Margarita mix, to Pina Colada, and to Sweet & Sour, Gordo’s has

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